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Developing a Strategy and Action Steps for Implementing Collaborative Regional Planning for Career and Technical Education

The purpose of this project is to develop a Strategy and Action Steps for Implementing Collaborative Regional Planning for Career and Technical Education for secondary education, post-secondary education, adult education and workforce development.

Action Steps include:
• Hold an initial planning meeting with key administrators from the DOE, DWD and IACTED. Determine desired outcomes.
• Create an Action Team with representatives of the Indiana DOE, DWD, Adult Administrators, Post-secondary Administrators and Workforce Investment Boards.
• Convene a focus meeting, as well as regional meetings, involving the EOP Leadership Team, Adult Education Administrators, Post-secondary administrators, employers, and Workforce Development professionals. The purpose would be to access recommendations on the development of the regional strategy.
• Convene a meeting of key players to draft the initial recommended strategy
o Provide for review and input from post-secondary
o Provide for review and input from workforce development
o Provide for review from adult education administrators
o Provide for review from secondary administrators
o Provide for review of appropriate State staff

At the completion of this contract, on or before September 30, 2010 the following will be completed:
1. Detailed Career Pathways (Programs of Study) in the five Career Cluster categories specified on pages 5 and 6 that:
a. Utilize the standardized Career Pathways template provided by the IDOE,
b. Specify the secondary courses (foundation, required and elective) needed to complete each Career Pathway,
c. Specify the postsecondary and dual credit courses for all Pathways leading to a one year Certificate or two year Associates Degree by Career Pathway title and by the specific postsecondary institution (and location) providing the Certificate or Associates Degree,
d. Include CTE courses with a syllabi (model curriculum) described on page 9 that can be used by all secondary schools,
e. Include end-of-program assessments (EOPs) where applicable,
f. Include new CTE courses where appropriate,
g. Are reviewed and agreed upon by the Assessment/Pathways Work Group and the Project Leadership Team members representing IACTED, IDOE, postsecondary and business & industry.
2. Integrate academic and 21st Century Skills.
3. Any additional Career Pathways/Programs of Study (from existing CTE programs of study) that are already completed and acceptable to be used statewide.
4. A final report detailing updates on the EOP Assessment Project and the Collaborative Regional Planning Project.