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About Us

About us

Vision: The vision of IACTED is to lead the nation in providing the highest quality career and technical education programs for Indiana students.


Mission: IACTED is a professional organization of Indiana Area CTE Districts which promotes, facilitates, and supports the continued improvement of Career and Technical Education in the state of Indiana.



  1. We believe in CTE Education as the best way to prepare all students at all ability levels for life after high school.
  2. We believe in working with state and federal governments (including DOE and DWD) to assure that their policies and procedures support and fully fund CTE.
  3. We believe in academic integration, aligning core academic and CTE standards, providing dual credit opportunities, and providing certifications in all CTE programs to ultimately create state supported programs of study.
  4. We believe in equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and desire to promote career choices, lifelong wellness, and prosperity.
  5. We believe in non-traditional participation and completion in CTE programs.
  6. We believe in providing opportunities for students to achieve a Core 40 with Academic Honors and/or a Technical Honors diploma.
  7. We believe in accountability for our programs and the continued gathering and evaluation of usable data to guide decision-making for CTE programs.
  8. We believe in communicating with all stakeholders through advisory boards and forged business and community partnerships to prepare CTE students with the skills needed for future careers.
  9. We believe in relevant professional development for CTE teachers, counselors, and directors.
  10. We believe in exclusively using and promoting the usage of the term career and technical education rather than the term vocational education. 

IACTED currently has 47 member districts representing over 95% of Indiana’s public school corporations.  Monthly Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month in Indianapolis.  Nine Program of Work committees address the key issues for the over 190,000 high school students enrolled in career and technical education programs.  See CTE Districts map for the programs located in your area. 


Active Committees

Auditing Committee

Chairperson:  Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw

Ron Hoke



Awards Committee

Chairperson:  Lora Busch

Rusty Hensley

 Dan Ulrich


 James Little

 Mark Hobbs

Becki Combs

CTE Image Committee

Chairperson: Nicole Otte

Mike Ripperger

Doug Dillion



Coni Taslim

 Mee Hee Smith


Legislative Committee

Chairperson: Patrick Biggerstaff

Jon Groth

Gene Hack

 Mari A. Swayne


Brad Street

Steve Rogers

Craig Newby



2017 Summer Conference

Chairperson: Ronna Kawsky

Kelly Durr

Frank Svarczkopf


Scott Miller

Steven Dungan

Brandon Small

Jarred Howard



Professional Development

Chairperson:  Pam Rager

Albert Hanselman

 Glenn Weil


Miranda Hutchison

Kevin Knies




Nominating Committee

Chairperson:  Audra Peterson

Michelle Meadows



James Little




 Data Issues

Chairpersons:  Chris Deaton, Kevin Keller

Jim Walmsley

Chris Lamb

Christi McBride



 Jo Ann McCowan

 Shawn Wright-Browner